The Royal Highland Show 2015 - Siobhan Mackenzie
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Top 10 reasons why we loved the Royal Highland Show 2015

30 Jun Top 10 reasons why we loved the Royal Highland Show 2015

1. Bubbles the sheep

Along with the many types of sheep that were brought with the NSA (National Sheep Association) Scottish Region Centre marquee, the Valais Blacknoise Sheep was a type that we were most besotted by. Among the several gorgeous Valais sheep, our hearts were stolen by bubbles the sheep. We were so infatuated by Bubbles, we were even given a new “fleece of life.”

Siobhan and model with Bubbles the sheep

Siobhan and model with Bubbles the sheep


2. Haggis

Of course one of our top favourite things about The Royal Highland show was Macsweens Haggis. A plate of Haggis with a Siobhan Mackenzie kilt is the perfect combination.

3. NSA Catwalk

Inside the NSA Scottish Region Centre Marquee, a catwalk was held where models weaved their way between a variety of sheep breeds commonly seen throughout Scotland. Catwalks are normally a very stressful event, with organising models, make up and hair etc. We would like to thank events coordinator Louise Quinn for making sure the “sheep” didn’t hit the fan.

Siobhan Mackenzie model on the NSA catwalk

Siobhan Mackenzie model on the NSA catwalk

4. Miss Scotland

We absolutely loved catching up with Miss Scotland (Ellie McKeating) who modelled a Siobhan Mackenzie kilt on the NSA catwalk, which was featured in the Scottish Sun newspaper. Did you know we are also the proud designers of three of Ellie’s Miss World 2014 outfits? Read all about our Miss World 2014 experience here.

Miss Scotland in a Siobhan Mackenzie kilt

Miss Scotland in a Siobhan Mackenzie kilt

5. Record breaking numbers

This year an astonishing amount of visitors attended The 175th Royal Highland Show. A record number of 188,449 visitors were recorded – almost 10,000 higher than last year. This years event definitely was #moohoosive.

6. Highland Cows

What Royal Highland Show wouldn’t be complete without Highland Cows. Therefore, this year it was no surprise that the Highland cows were a main feature. Who doesn’t love fluffy, cute cows? #moohoosive

A Highland Cow at RHS 2015

A Highland Cow at RHS 2015

7. Food Hall

When someone puts all different kinds of wonderful food and drink in the one place, of course we are going to get excited! The food hall at this years Royal Highland Show was outstanding, our tasty favourites being Fudge Kitchen, Chocolate Fondue Company and The Edinburgh Gin Company.

8. Quality Meat Scotland

Quality Meat Scotland were also a favourite. We received a bag full of delicious recipes which we are very excited to try. QMS also had their beautiful ambassador, our favourite ‘Miss’- Ellie McKeating. Who put her cooking skills to the taste in the Scotch lamb burger sampling session, photos of which that can be found on their Facebook page.

9. Sheep Sheering

The National Prime Lamb dressing was something we loved to see. Its always interesting to see what a Siobhan Mackenzie kilt looks like at the very beginning- in its raw wool form.

10. Siobhan Mackenzie Kilts

Of course our absolute favourite aspect of The Royal Highland Show was Siobhan Mackenzie kilts- but we aren’t biased at all. Our kilts took to the catwalk to show off our signature designs, with our modern spin on a classic we endeavour to take our kilts from Scotland to the “ewe-nited States.” Our branded t-shirts proved a #moohoosive hit at The Royal Highland Show this year. Order your very own t-shirt or kilt via our shop.

Siobhan Mackenzie with some of the models (its a hard job but somebody has got to do it)

Siobhan Mackenzie with some of the models (its a hard job but somebody has got to do it)


Although one thing we did not love about The Royal Highland Show was the traffic… and the freezing cold weather.