St Andrew's Day 2015 - Siobhan Mackenzie
Bespoke Kilts- Bringing Scottish Dress into the 21st century by breaking the rules of tradition with innovation within design. Siobhan Mackenzie is a multi-award winning Scottish Fashion Designer.
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St Andrew’s Day 2015

30 Nov St Andrew’s Day 2015

At Siobhan Mackenzie we adore Scottish Heritage so needless to say the team enjoy a St Andrew’s Day Celebration!

So how do we celebrate you ask?

Here, Director Siobhan talks us through her top five favourite things to do for St Andrew’s Day!

1. Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

The traditional meal on St Andrew’s Day has got to be Haggis- of course! When Siobhan isn’t designing revolutionary kilts and running the company she loves nothing more than to be cooking in the kitchen. Using delicious MacSween Haggis alongside mashed turnip and potatoes she compliments the dish with a homemade whisky sauce. (MacSween also make a lovely vegetarian option.)

After we have mastered the fashion world we might open a Siobhan Mackenzie restaurant- watch this space…


Siobhan Mackenzie does Haggis

2. Scottish Delights

Homemade shortbread and fudge- what else?  Siobhan grew up baking with her mum at home in The Scottish Highlands so making tasty treats is a must.

Here we have homemade shortbread alongside milk chocolate and Smartie fudge- being unconventional here at Siobhan Mackenzie We love to give tradition a twist!

Homemade Fudge

Homemade Fudge

3. Whisky

Some may just like it with their whisky sauce and Haggis or some may enjoy a few too many! Siobhan’s personal favourite is Dalmore- here’s why!

Dalmore whisky is connected historically with the Clan Mackenzie, as am I and all the brand stands for. My dad has recently become quite the collector of special editions which now even have their own cabinet! The bottle is also incredible with the famous stag head.”


King Alexander III Dalmore Whisky

  1. St Andrew’s Day Kilts

Having quite the selection Siobhan tells us why wearing her own Scottish Luxury brand on St Andrew’s Day is great-:

“Wearing such a distinctive kilt generates compliments and much inquisition into where I bought my kilt as they are so visually different to others on the market- not only is it great to say it’s my own design but to be able to offer someone a bespoke design where they too can wear their very own signature kilt! Today I wore my Harris Tweed & weathered tartan kilt paired with long winter boots and a cosy jumper- the perfect November ensemble in Scotland!”

Siobhan Mackenzie Harris Tweed and Weathered KIlt. Image-: Tom Cairns Model-: Alison Duncan

5. Scottish Scenery

Scotland is beautiful all year round (even with the rain) but on such a patriotic day it’s fantastic to appreciate our surroundings. We may be in the city but we like to watch this amazing videography by Zander Media to catch some stunning Highland Scenery. Loch Ness being in there of-course and some kilts to feast your eyes on!

Happy St Andrew’s Day! Make sure to follow our social media channels to keep up to date with all things haggis, shortbread and kilts!

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