Bespoke - Siobhan Mackenzie
Bespoke Kilts- Bringing Scottish Dress into the 21st century by breaking the rules of tradition with innovation within design. Siobhan Mackenzie is a multi-award winning Scottish Fashion Designer.
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At Siobhan Mackenzie we offer a full bespoke design experience. Designed exclusively for you we contrast various textures together to create truly distinctive luxury kilt outfits.






We offer a range of ready-to-wear kilt options on our online shop and we also extend our bespoke service to womenswear for custom designed kilts.



Furthermore we offer a bespoke tartan design service for those individuals looking for utterly unique tartans.

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Each kilt outfit is made to measure and is specifically designed to reflect your personal style and taste.
Join us in an artistic exploration using innovative design and impeccable quality to achieve the perfect ‘Siobhan Mackenzie’ kilt outfit for you. 
Made in Scotland, with love.

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